benefits of working with cannabis consultants


The cannabis industry is the fastest growing industry in america today, which means there are numerous open jobs. However, your competition to land these jobs is fierce – whether you want to discover a job as a budtender, trimmer, grower, or any other role in the industry. Your resume and application will be reviewed along with dozens or perhaps a huge selection of others, so it’s essential that you show which you have what it takes to stand out from other applicants.

You will find both tangible and intangible qualities that you should focus on developing if you want to be an irresistible prospect to hiring managers in the cannabis industry. Some of these tangible, hard skills and qualities are easy to quantify and track, such as degrees and certifications.

Here’s a set of three questions you should ask before finding a cannabis consultant.

1. What’s your cannabis experience?
This is the main question you can ask any cannabis consultant. You intend to know they have experience doing precisely what you need them to do. Have you been trying to get a license? Make certain the consultant has real and diverse experience across multiple verticals and multiple locations. Searching to expand into another market or different vertical? Make sure your trusted consultant has helped other businesses with expansion efforts.

2. What exactly are three results you have achieved for clients in the last year?
Get really specific when asking cannabis consultants about their success rates. It’s easy to state they’ve helped cannabis businesses. But just how many businesses have they helped? And what are their recent successes? Are they mixed up in industry? Make certain the consultant you hire has considerable experience in the cannabis industry.

3. Where perhaps you have achieved success for clients?
Each local market operates differently. Since laws continue to change and evolve, it’s important to learn that your consultant has diverse experience in a variety of markets. If you’re interviewing a California based consultant that has only helped cannabis companies in California, this may limit their understanding of the entire market. Preferably, choose an organization who has experience in multiple states and countries like Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Jot down these questions and utilize them the next time you’re interviewing a  cannabis retail store consultant.

It’s important to be confident and prepared to react to people who question marijuana as well as your decision to support and work in the cannabis industry. Most cannabis industry staff are also medical marijuana advocates, so be prepared to confidently stay the course despite how many other people may think or say.

10. A Network
The cannabis industry is growing, but it was built by small business owners who believed in what these were doing. Because of this, there is still a tiny business mentality within the industry where people take the time become familiar with the other person and help one another. Even most competition have healthy relationships.

It’s essential that you build a network within the cannabis industry. These relationships will help you land employment today and in the future when you’re prepared to take the next step in your career. Attend industry events and be visible. Join cannabis industry LinkedIn Groups and become present in online conversations to get started on building these rela